Conditions of entry

Before registration, participants are obligated to read the conditions of entry.


Registration fee:

Ymber Fitness:

Untill 15.07:             kr 300 + possibly license (kr 50)

Untill 21.08:             kr 350 + possibly license (kr 50)

Late entries 24.08:   kr 450 + possibly license (kr 50)

Thon Competition:

Untill 15.07:             kr 350 + possibly license (kr 150)

Untill 21.08:             kr 400 + possibly license (kr 150)

Late entries 24.08:   kr 499 + possibly license (kr 150)

Biđus (reindeer meat soup) is included in the entry fee.


Racing license

Racing license is mandatory for all participants. To be able to participate in a bike race approved by the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF) you either need a full-year racing license obtained through a club associated with the NCF, or you need to purchase a one-off racing license before start.


Present your full-year license when picking up your starting number on the race day. If your do not have a full-your license, you can purchase one-off racing license at your registation. One-off license costs kr 50 for participants on Ymber Fitness. For participants in Thon Competition the license costs kr 150. Participants over 80 years do not need license.