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The start is at the parking lot by the old store in Mieron, following the RV93 towards Alta. After 1 km the trail takes off to left, and follows the old road towards Máze.  

The trail is relatively easy terrain where the first 12 km is an easy climb. Midway through, the trail goes along the water Biggejávri for about 5 km. You will pass the old lodge by Binges after 31 km. After 35.5 km the trail will cross the bridge over Mázejohka. Here on there is a 5 km long gentle gradient to the trail's highest point at Stuoroaivi, about 500 meters above sea level. 

4km from Stuoroaivi trail takes off to the left and follow a narrow quad offroad path to the RV 93. Here it is a partly tough descent. Along the path there are laid out boardwalks over marshlands (approx. 100 m). The trail crosses the RV 93 and continues 100m by asphalt, before the trail takes off to the right following a relatively steep quad offroad path. At the Máze church the trail enters asphalt, and continues ca. 1 km to the finish.


Total length is 53.5 km.


Drink stations at Luossačahca, Binges lodge and before the rise of Stuoroaivi.



Toni Economi AS

Čávžo Safari

Viddas Veidemann

Suolovuopmi fjellstue

Bakehuset i Alta

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